Financially Sound & Great Credit

The financial strength to give you an edge!


Weekly commission

Weekly pay on all loads with a POD and finalized cost, no need to wait for a carrier invoice. Keep your commissions even if the customer doesn’t pay. Ability to earn and unlimited income.

Form a win-win relationship with your carriers

As carrier we understand the importance of cashflow. We have put our financial strength to work for our carrier partners, reducing pay terms to 10 days from receipt of POD. No fee or discount on the load required, just fast payments to our partners!

Control of your business

Since we are financially sound we don’t need to nickel and dime our agents or micromanage their activities. There is no forced margin %, minimum dollar amount per load, or other dictates limiting how you service your customer. We understand the need to go above and beyond on occasion to service a client.

Continual investment in our tools

Resources and support giving our agent partners more to ways to succeed. The purchasing power of the Network behind your agency has countless advantages.